Punjab Rung is offering pristine religious tours with a well-defined tour itinerary. Most of the tours have been focused on young travelers but corporate options are also available.

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It’s no secret that Hunza is home to liberal, helpful, and hospitable people. Nestled in the Karakoram Mountain Range, Hunza comprises several colorful and stunning villages.

There’s so much like orchards, glaciers, a river, wooden bridges, and meadows skirted by rugged and snow-capped mountains.

Witness a hypnotic sunset at Duikar, a small village perching over the valley. Get majestic views from the top of Altit and Baltit forts. Or simply stroll in the beautiful streets of Hunza and socialize with the locals.

Karimabad, the main commercial center of the valley, has many hotels, restaurants, and shops. Before you leave, try some scrumptious local cuisines at the restaurants and buy some beautiful handicrafts at the shops.